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The organizational structure of the Anticorruption Directorate consists of following departments and divisions:

  • Organizational and information support department
  • Investigation department
  • Preventive measures and inquiry department
  • Operations department
  • Operational support division
  • Internal Security division
  • Specialist analysis division

Organizational and Information Support Department

Functions of Organizational and Information Support Department include analysis of information on corruption offences, preparation of reports, arrangement of operation of common database for corruption crimes, running Hotline Call Centre, preparation of methodological recommendations, systematization of legislation, international cooperation, preparation of information for the press and other issues.



Preventive Measures and Inquiry Department

Functions of Preventive Measures and Inquiry Department include examination of information provided by state agencies, individuals and legal entities, as well as appeals regarding corruption offences registered at Hotline Call Centre, analysis and determination of tendencies of corruption, preparation of proposals for their elimination and other issues.



Investigation Department

Functions of Investigation Department include start of criminal cases on corruption offences, preliminary investigation, implementation of necessary measures for compensation of pecuniary damage caused by corruption crimes, as well confiscation of proceeds of crime.


Internal Security Division

Functions of Internal Security Division include consideration of appeals on corruption offences in prosecutorial agencies, prevention and disclosure of corruption offences in prosecutorial agencies, analysis and generalization of information in this field.

Operations Department

Functions of Operations Department include preparation and implementation of operational and search activity in order to prevent, disclose and solve corruption crimes, execution of appropriate measures for search and detention of persons committed corruption crimes and fugitives.



Operational Support Division

Functions of Operational Support Division include provision of necessary assistance to prosecutors and investigators, implementation of operational support, preparation, installation and disassembling of technical means during preliminary investigation, use of information systems, video and audio recording, filming and photography as well as other technical means during implementation of operational and search activities.



Specialist Analysis Division

Functions of Specialist Analysis Division include implementation of examinations in financial, accounting, bank, credit, scientific, technical and other professional areas during prejudicial inquiry of information submitted regarding corruption offences and investigation of corruption crimes, making of conclusions under examination results, consultation of prosecutors and investigators for materials of prejudicial inquiries and criminal cases and other issues.