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Subordinate Prosecutor’s Offices

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  • Director of the Center
  • Deputy Director of the Center
  • Senior Prosecutor of the Center
  • Senior Prosecutor of the Center

1. Chair for the organization of activity of prosecution bodies

2. Criminalistics chair

    2.1. Criminalistics laboratory

3. Chair of criminal law, criminal proceeding and criminology

4. Chair for the protection of human rights and freedom

5. Chair for the issues of fighting organized crime 

6. IT and educational technologies laboratory

7. Linguistics classroom

8. Library

Criminalistics laboratory operates under Criminalistics chair. IT and educational technologies laboratory and Linguistics classroom are independent units of the Centre.

Chairs and laboratories


The chairs perform in accordance with the scientific work and training plans, provide suggestions for development, change of these plans and participate in their implementation; prepare questions and other visual aids to check presentations, knowledge on seminars with the use of appropriate computer programs and workshops; participate in the preparation of draft regulatory and legal, procedural and other documents, as well as scientific conclusions (legal expertise) on such documents; conduct scientific and practical investigations; based on the obtained results prepare proposals to improve the effectiveness of prosecutors and investigators’ activities; generalize best forensic-investigative practices; prepare recommendations on tactically correct and effective application in investigation practice of modern scientific and technical means, methods, and individual investigative actions; establish links with similar units of prosecutor’s offices and other law enforcement agencies of foreign countries, and share practices.

The chairs are headed by Chief of chairs. The structure of chairs includes educator-prosecutors.

IT and educational technologies laboratory

It manages information resources which the center is responsible for, and provides their safety; ensures creation of an internal network at the Centre, its technical maintenance and management; in the education process uses information technology and computer equipment being at the disposal of the Centre; takes responsibility for their technical serviceability; from technical and technological point of view runs the technical equipment of audiences (implementation, systematization, archiving of video and audio recordings, as well as delivery to the consumer, if necessary); provides connection of the Center to the information resources of other networks in the prosecutor’s office; writes information programs and carries out preparatory work (development of flowcharts, technical design assignments, etc.) necessary for their writing.

Criminalistics laboratory

Provides registration, protection, serviceability of forensic techniques and other equipment, ensures technical support for practical trainings, seminars, etc. on the topic of the use of forensic technology, collects information about modern forensic techniques.

Linguistics classroom and library

Linguistics classroom

Carries out technical and organizational work to meet the needs of prosecutors in the Azerbaijani language, as well as in other widespread languages, provides registration, protection, correct use of equipment and technological devices; collects and organizes information on the possibilities of information technology in the field of linguistics.


Provides classification, registration, protection of the Center’s fund consisting of books, magazines, newspapers and other literature, if necessary, provides readers the literature ordered in a relevant manner.